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Relationship Balance

Your Relationship Balance is the total amount of deposits and investments in your HSBC Expat accounts.

New customers
To become a customer of HSBC Expat you need to keep a minimum amount of £60,000 or currency equivalent in your HSBC Expat accounts and investments.

Your Relationship Balance is the total average credit balance, calculated every calendar month, of all your HSBC Expat accounts and any investments you have with HSBC Bank Nominee (Jersey) Limited - as long as they're all in the same name(s).

HSBC Premier customers
If you are already an HSBC Premier customer and hold Premier accounts with other parts of the HSBC group, you will receive the Premier service with us, without the need to maintain the minimum £60,000 Relationship Balance.

To find out more about how we calculate your Relationship Balance visit the Download Centre to download our Personal Banking Terms of Business.

HSBC Premier service tailored to expats

New customers of HSBC Expat qualify for our HSBC Premier service which provides a range of benefits to help you manage your personal economy.


We reserve the right to review or screen new applications and in some cases this may lead to us declining certain applications or requesting a higher minimum balance.

Please contact us if you require further information before applying.

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Yes - because the range of information and services you receive from us can change depending on where you live.

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