The benefits of international banking with HSBC Expat

Jersey - a leading international finance centre

Regardless of where you live, banking with HSBC Expat means that your money is held in Jersey (Channel Islands) - an international finance centre with a reputation for political and economic stability, along with a strong regulatory framework. So you can keep your money in one place while you move around the world.

High standards in financial regulations

Jersey is recognised as being one of the best regulated international finance centres by global bodies such as the Group of Twenty (G20), the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The island is committed to meeting the highest regulatory standards and supporting global initiatives that help prevent the abuse of financial services, evidenced by the following:

  • Full alignment to the EU's Third Anti-Money Laundering Directive
  • Full signatory to the IOSCO Multilateral Treaty, a benchmark for cross-border cooperation between regulators
  • Early adopter of the new international Common Reporting Standard for the automatic exchange of financial information
  • Strong record of cooperation with law enforcement agencies and tax authorities - including unlimited access upon request, to its central register of beneficial ownership

Independent since 1204

While Jersey is a Crown dependency with close ties to the UK, it is self-governing and has its own financial, legal and judicial systems. As a member of the European Union Customs Union, the island benefits from free trade of goods within the EU and voluntarily implements appropriate EU legislation or the international standards on which this is based.

Politically and economically stable

Jersey has been politically stable for more than 800 years. Its Parliament is democratically elected and is responsible for domestic affairs, including fiscal matters. The island has stable reserves and a policy of balanced budgets.

Tax neutral

As a tax neutral jurisdiction, Jersey has no capital gains tax, capital transfer tax or wealth taxes. The island has already signed over 60 tax agreements with jurisdictions around the world - a reflection of its strong commitment to complying with international standards of transparency.

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